[Review] – The Purge Anarchy

As the third part of The Purge movie franchise is gonna be aired soon in July, I find it appropriate to review the second movie – The Purge Anarchy. In my opinion, The Purge… Continue reading

[Review] – Predestination

A well-done movie on time-travelling! PREDESTINATION Predestination is one of these mind-boggling movies that leaves us wondering what have we watched the past 1 hour and 40 minutes. To name a few movies with… Continue reading

[Rec]- Thai Rom-com 101

I just realize that I have not reviewed any of the Thai movies that I have watched. This is a sad truth, because looking back at the Thai movie craze I had back… Continue reading

[Review] – Tsubaki chou lonely planet

I’m back with a review of Tsubaki chou lonely planet! Although I will not review mangas often anymore, but I will still try to once in a while review some good ones in… Continue reading

[First impression] – Scream Queens season 1

I have always wanted to give this series a try after watching the iconic opening scenes of Chanel and her minions but did not manage to until now, when I have more free time.… Continue reading

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Quyển sách này hẳn khá là quen mặt, vì nó xuất hiện trên rất nhiều các trang báo, mạng xã hội. Một phần là nhờ vào video TED talks của tác giả, hiện… Continue reading

[Review] – Sorority Row

Bộ phim mà mình muốn review lần này là một bộ phim khác điển hình cho thể loại college slasher lấy chủ đề  về hội nhóm sorority. Hẳn là rất nhiều bạn đã… Continue reading

[Review] – 451 độ F

Quyển này lúc mới ra làm điên đảo dân tình (khá chắc một phần vì cái bìa và cái tít), luc ấy rất nhiều người sốt sắng đi mua, nhưng mà sau khi mua thì lại thấy… Continue reading

[Review] – Drive me crazy

Hey, so we are going back to the 90s for romcom movies. Drive me crazy is an OK choice and pretty fun to watch! DRIVE ME CRAZY Summary: A high school girl must find a… Continue reading

2016 Announcement and Update!!!

Hi guys, readers, and friends! It’s been almost four months into 2016! MISCREVS has gone public for two years now. We do still have a lot of things to improve on, and it’s… Continue reading