[Review] – Predestination

A well-done movie on time-travelling!


Predestination is one of these mind-boggling movies that leaves us wondering what have we watched the past 1 hour and 40 minutes. To name a few movies with the same type of mind-twisting plot in a similar manner would include Triangle, Primer, etc. Predestination is a great movie about the subject of time-travel, and the idea behind predestination in its truest sense.

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The movie lures the audience into the assumption that they are peeking at the final chapter of a time-travel agent’s life, when he gets assigned the most difficult case that he has ever handled in his career. The very first scene is an action-packed sequence in which a mustache man helps out an unidentified man who fails to defuse a bomb. After this, the plot focuses on the unidentified man. According to this track of plot, the unidentified man needs to find the Fizzle Bomber and stops him from further destroying the world. It was then revealed that the mustache man takes the appearance of the unidentified man after recovery from the bomb explosion. So, these two are one person, but from different timelines. What I have just recapped is not a major spoiler, but rather just a reasonable conclusion anyone can make from what is being shown on the screen. In other words, don’t worry,  your movie experience is still untouched, mostly because things only get more and more complicated from there.


The concept of identification ambiguity is repeated throughout the movie. There is few clue to the background information of central characters. Who is the mustache man? Why is he the main focus of this story? Who is the Fizzle Bomber?  As for the one we are given the whole backstory, our confidence in knowing who they are soon gets shattered.  However, by building up the audience’s suspicions on these identifications, the film has succeeded in preparing for a mind-bending plot twists. The suspicions keeps the audience on edge and try to guess what’s actually going on. The big revealing at the end, therefore, becomes more impressive since it exceeds all of our previous expectations and imagination.


All the aforementioned confusion is further amplified under the overarching theme of time-travel. Because the plot jumps from timelines to timelines, it’s hard to track what comes first, and what comes before. The moment we start looking away from the screen and lose concentration, we might get lost between the different storyline. Therefore, the nature of the movie itself helps guarantee the maintained engagement from the audience. The theme of time-travel overall is executed very neatly and reasonable. By combining with a touch of thriller and suspense, the director manages to keep the subject stay fresh and interesting throughout. However, there exists this weird connection between the subplot and the main plot of the movie. While the subplot allows for a well-established emotional link with the characters, some of the small details within it are unnecessarily distracting. In some aspects, the movie can be even more connected without such details.

Last thing I want to mention about the movie is the thought-provoking paradox emerge from the juxtaposition of different timelines. It really is a nice premise for the creation of the movie. As the audiences seek the ultimate answer to the paradox, the movie will stay within their minds for a long time. So, Predestination is pretty awesome. I would definitely recommend  that you go give it a try.