[Rec]- Thai Rom-com 101

I just realize that I have not reviewed any of the Thai movies that I have watched. This is a sad truth, because looking back at the Thai movie craze I had back when I was in high school, I have watched a decent number of good movies. Most of these movies are rom-com, also my favourite genre of movie only after horror. Thai makes very natural and cute rom-com movies, so I totally want to share my recommendations for you guys. As said, here is my materials for Thai Romcom 101 : Intro to the very adorable rom-coms from Thai!

Love at first flood

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Please don’t be put off by the colorful poster and come to the conclusion that this movie is too cheesy for your taste. Instead, I found it really comfortable and cute to watch. A lovely, light-hearted drama to watch with natural acting from the cast. Bonus point: side characters are also very likeable. Try Love at First Flood for a very cultural romantic story – very characteristic of Thai country!




A relatable romance story that takes place in high school time. Suckseed does not center around love, but uses it as a nice addition to its portrayal of high school times – school is a place that harbors energetic teenagers who are full of ambitions, big dreams, and is also where we first get a taste of failure in our pursuits, only to grow up from them. The movie is a better than average rom-com with good Thai music to enjoy.


Crazy little thing called love


YES. THIS IS THE CLASSIC THAI ROM-COM MOVIE. Almost everyone who tries Thai rom-com movies have watched this movie, or even recommend it to their friends. That pretty much sums up its popularity and well-loved reputation. The plot is nothing new, really. It is the cliché ugly duck turns swan love story. But the execution of the movie is well-done and really neat. Considered that you watch the movie now, I doubt you will be surprised by any events. However, I do believe Crazy little thing called love is a big success because it manages to capture very accurately the purity of romantic feelings in high school.. It also does not have unnecessary heavy drama. The whole cast is very natural in their acting – all emotions are portrayed realistically. I highly recommend the movie because it’s awesome, cute, and also funny!! 10 out of 10 ( probably because I’m terribly biased, but biased for reasonable reasons so please give it a try! )


 Atm errak error


In terms of true rom-com in its essence, ATM Errak Error actually tops my list. While some other movies have a bit more focus on romance, ATM Errak Error just has the right balance between romance and comedy. The acting is natural, and the plot is also pretty interesting. Side characters really contribute a lot to the comedic side of the movie, but that does not mean that our main characters are not funny at all. The movie is a perfect choice to watch with friends, family, lovers. A guaranteed 10/10 entertainment for your movie experience!


Bangkok traffic love story

Bangkok Traffic Love Story has more of the mature touch compared to the rest of the list. Although also centers around an adult couple like ATM Errak Error, it is less action-packed and more on the peaceful side. The main character succeeds in portraying a genuine romance story of two persons who are connected by spontaneity. Although the female character does not have eye-candy level of appearance, she is still adorable and natural, so you will definitely get used to her good acting. Bangkok Traffic Love Story tells a sweet tale of recovering after heartbreaks, and finding and protecting your romantic pursuits. I highly recommend this movie for a change of pace/film style in terms of rom-com genre.