[Review] – Tsubaki chou lonely planet

I’m back with a review of Tsubaki chou lonely planet! Although I will not review mangas often anymore, but I will still try to once in a while review some good ones in my opinion and take on personal requests through emails or comments 🙂



Author: Yamamori Mika

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo

Ohno Fumi is a poor 2nd year high school student. Because of her father’s debts, she’s kicked out of her own home and has to rely on her own connections to survive. Thus begins her life as a live-in housekeeper for a reclusive write

For people who have already read Hirunaka no Ryuusei, the drawing style will be super familiar since Yamamori Mika sensei’s style is pretty easy to tell. I feel very comfortable and at ease when reading her drawings in general so it’s already a small plus for this new manga.


The story plot is again focused on an age-gap romance similar with HNR so it might be hard in the beginning to read Tsubaki chou lonely planet without thinking back Yamamori Mika sensei past works and making comparisons. However, I do think the characters’ personality in Tsubaki-chou are different. Akatsuki Kibikino is more aloof and less mischievous than Shishio in HNR. His job as a writer allows him to be a little bit quirky and difficult to deal with in terms of social interactions. His inexperience in love shared by Fumi makes their romance story more slow-paced and comical at times. At this point of the manga, I do think he is more like Seiji in Love so life in terms of being too passionate about his job while being rather slow in romantic tactics.

 Although Fumi does have some resemblance to Chunchun, she is given pretty in-depth background information on her past and family life, enough to make her stand out.Because of personal circumstances, Fumi is more mature than friends at her age – I suppose this is a way to make her feelings for Kibikino more rational and easier to accept for some readers. However, she falls for Kibikino too fast due to her lack of experience, so I would prefer to see more understanding of each other coming from these two.

The romance between these two lonely persons is comfortable to follow and without much drama (yet). In my opinion, the manga is a safe choice for Yamamori Mika sensei since it does not diverge too much from her style, but still manages to have some differences. Some fans of her will be disappointed since Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet is definitely not unique nor significant enough to stand against other hot shoujos currently on the chart.But it is still a decent, and neat manga to thoroughly enjoy ❤ All characters are really likeable. Give Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet a try, and support Yamamori Mika sensei’s other works too!