[Review] – Drive me crazy

Hey, so we are going back to the 90s for romcom movies. Drive me crazy is an OK choice and pretty fun to watch!


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A high school girl must find a substitute date to escort her to the prom.

The summary for this movie is simple as that, and I think the movie is similarly simple as well. It might be a 90s romcom movies thing in which the plots are all blunt and straightforward. I mean, don’t expect anything too dramatic or meaningful in Drive me crazy.


Drive my crazy is interesting in how the stereotypical gender roles are switched, although not completely. Nicole is a tough-minded girl who is very assertive in her love pursuits. She is also the center of attention. On the other hand, we have Chase being a social outcast, with his odd protests with odd friends. How are the two connected, you may ask? They have been next-door neighbour for years but for some reasons no longer hang out with each other anymore. The cinderella cliché is adjusted in that Nicole is the one who transforms the pariah Chase into a supposedly more good-looking/ attractive person ( I phrase it as “supposedly” since I actually like his pre-transformation hair more, no hard feelings). Calling Chase a social outcast does not mean he is unbearably odd. Chase is actually mischievous and quick-witted. However, I don’t think Chase’s attractiveness is consistent. At times I find him cute, while other times I find him really awkward. This inconsistence bugs me while watching the movie.

Perks for seeing this movie: You will be immersed in nostalgic 90s music and fashion trends. Other than that, there is not much to compliment beside the fact that the two main characters make a lovely couple and have great chemistry.

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Even if it’s ok for a plot to be simple and straightforward, Drive me crazy is too simple to be good. The movie does not go deep into the relationship between Nicole and Chase in the past, so their sudden intimacy seems out of the blue and not so reasonable. But given the great chemistry between the two, some might not feel the aforementioned problem that big of thing. Furthermore, Chase’s personality change does not seem too persuasive too. All his ideals shown in the protests at the beginning of the movies are suddenly vacuumed for romance tactics. Furthermore, the movie in the first place portrays Nicole as someone who distrusts man because of her relationship with her father. However, the problem is that we only see their conflict in the movie in one single scene and throughout the movie, Nicole does not appear to be someone who trusts no men. As a result, the meaningful appearance of her dad near the end is only meaningful to Nicole, not the audience. I also want to talk a little bit about the ending. To be honest, the ending to me is subtly disturbing: when the couple come back home and realize their single parent are having an intimate session, they just find it totally fine and happily run to their tree house which harbor their childhood memories together to have some personal fun too?!. The director basically just brushed off how weird that ending is for the movie as a whole, as if Drive me crazy does not have a disconnected and shallow enough plot.

I might have ended up criticize the movie too much, but it is still a fun watch to me. At least, I find it more enjoyable than another movie at the time “The prince & me”, which is really really cringe-worthy ( I might make a quick review for this one in the future). If you are not a picky rom-com lover and are in for some 90s memories trip then give it a try!