2016 Announcement and Update!!!

Hi guys, readers, and friends!

It’s been almost four months into 2016! MISCREVS has gone public for two years now. We do still have a lot of things to improve on, and it’s not limited to our review quality. So, we have a few changes that we want to update for you all 🙂

First off, MISCREVS has a  FACEBOOOK page now! Yes, after thinking back and forth on the pros and cons of taking MISCREVS onto Facebook, we have decided to do it eventually. In the beginning, we only aim for the Vietnamese readers since there are not that many Vietnamese manga reviews pages that are still running. But our blog is growing bigger and bigger, so it’s time we think about more effective ways to reach out to more people. A facebook page, we believe, will help us do this mostly because wordpress is popular but it is not often the go-to-site for most online users like Facebook. Therefore, by posting updates on new posts on our Facebook page, we can inform you guys of new reviews easier and quicker! 

The second thing that we would want to tell you is the slight shift of our blog focus. MISCREVS will still be posting about mangas, that for sure. But for personal reasons that we will discuss some other time, Doo will not write as many shoujo reviews as in the past but she will post more movie reviews. Unless we find another suitable writer who willingly devotes to the manga section, MISCREVS is not going to be too shoujo-heavy in the future.

Our last annoucement would be one of our future plans for MISCREVS. We observe our stats ( whether daily or weekly) pretty often and take it seriously to adjust on our posting. Through time, there has been an increasing number of international visitors beside our main target, the Vietnamese. That’s why we are considering between going full English posts and English/Vietnamese version for every posts.  The latter choice is unlikely at this point since that would require a lot of work and time, while we are understaffed at the moment ( both of us owners of MISCREVS have also been rather busy recently). So, currently, I (Doo) am trying to doing some experiments by posting more English posts in midst of the Vietnamese ones to see how it goes. 

Yes, that’s some quick updates on some changes that will be underway for MISCREVS. We are truly glad to have people who support and read our posts so we always try to improve our blog. If you have any comments or suggestions on any of the above updates, feel free to comment on this post or shoot us an email, in either Vietnamese or English ( to quynhnguyen2622@gmail.com).


Have a great week!