[Quick review]- Catfish



Because every social network has its dark side…

Catfish is one well-made documentary about the down side of social network. Probably one of the hook that first draws people into watching this is that it is not based on a true story. It IS a true story. Nev, our main character is a photographer. His brothers who happen to be film directors decided they would document his life. Then suddenly, their homemade documentary got itself an exciting lead to an unpredictable adventure. One day, Nev received an email from a young child who found his photographs as inspirations for her drawings. They became close friends as more emails, with drawings and photographs attached, were exchanged. And then both of them took on on a new social media platform: Facebook. Nev then made friends with not only the kid’s mother, but also her cousin, a beautiful woman named Megan Faccio. Megan and Nev started talking and they fell head over heels for each other.  It was there that the seemingly sweet story took an unexpected turn.

The documentary started out pretty uninteresting, just everyday life materials from Nev. Then Abby was introduced, and things got interesting. However, the audience were slowly sucked in the quick tempo of the film as gaps in the stories were exposed. When what seemed genuine no longer seemed so and the consistency in the stories told became fragmented, Nev and the boys found it their interest to delve deeper into the truth. Of course, at first there were conflicts on continuing filming given that it was about Nev’s own personal experience. The movie, with is documentary essence, basically captured their raw emotions going through all of what happened, and thus we have a more realistic feel from the film.

Catfish (1)

Camera used is mostly handheld, which also contributes to this real-ish vibe, but its lack of firmness gives the audience an unsettling experience. The audience gets the feeling they are going on an adventure with the boys, or holding their breathe before any of the reveals. Catfish can be thrilling in this sense, but it is not so much creepy as it is disturbing. You know these kind of truths exist somewhere out there. Some of us even blame the victims for being too naive. However, when you faced it yourself, you will doubt yourself if there is even something called being too naive. Every one could be Nev. It is that easy to get fooled, especially through social networks.

And of course, many of you would wonder what actually is catfish and why the movie is named after this. You are gonna get the answer at the end of this documentary. I think it is a pretty neat and descriptive term.