[Review] – The game

This movie got me baffling for hours even after finishing the whole thing. I mean like…do I enjoy it or not?



Sypnosis: Wealthy San Francisco financier Nicholas Van Orton gets a strange birthday present from wayward brother Conrad: a live-action game that consumes his life

An ambitious wealthy businessman made a decision that was so unlike his usual choices to participate in a game which completely marked a dramatic turn to his boring life. Nicholas’s world instead of revolving around money and stocks now started to turn left and right, going into intersections of varieties. The pre-test required to sign up for the tailored game is inordinary itself too: a combination of physicality, mentality and common knowledge. The game soon starts and we all witness the increasing glitches in Nicholas’s life. In a way, these are good changes, although it messes his daily routines. He knew to feel sympathize over a poor broke woman, and learned how to help people in need ( instead of ignoring them like a previous shown scene). The game in the beginning seems like a beneficial one for creating a better person of himself but the director then proved that we were wrong, when things went waaaaay out of order for Nicholas to handle. Nicholas was manipulated in all the ways possible. From a man who got hold of everything he started to lose control on all of them, and even lost his trust on a lot of people he used to absolutely confide in. Suddenly, the slow pace for the first 30 minutes disappeared and tension gradually builds up. At some parts of The game, the dark graphics together with the disturbing soundtrack really got on my nerves. Michael Douglas’s acting skills is superb, especially the second half of the movie when Nicholas Van Orton was faced with the inability to determine what is real and what not. His expression of sadness, doubt, and anger is also very genuine! He totally deserves the compliments.

Initially I thought that this movie would involve sci-fi factors with special effects and that Nicholas was sucked in a virtual world greeted by bizzare creatures. I kept that thought for a while waiting for my expectations to be met, but then I gradually realized it was totally the opposite. To speak of the movie’s originality, I would say The game was done well to play a big game prank on all of us and it succeeded in doing so.


The audience, just like Nicholas, was played and toyed with constantly. The director and scriptwriter really succeeded in bringing a real-life experience that synchronize Douglas and the audience just like a role-playing game. I seriously have played the role Douglas throughout the 2 hour screening, feeling what he felt, doubting when he started to doubt and I went through the roller coaster of emotions with this man as well … The ending is truly a what the fuck ending, you will deeply understand my comment when you reach it. It left you gasping for an explanation, while there is no need for any explanation at all. At the end of the movie, the mystery thriller factors are all solved yet the baffle won’t stop lingering on your thoughts.

You might be reading my whole  review and still does not know if I’m fond of this movie or if I’m not and that just exactly depicts my emotions after finishing as well. So… you can be either entertained a whole lot or be annoyed so much, but you will not forget this weirdly interesting movie ( or should I say…game? 😉 ).