[Review] – Nightcrawler



Sypnosis :  When Louis Bloom, a driven man desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.

We don’t get a proper and by the book introduction for the movie. It’s more like we are given a peek into this man’s life when he’s in the middle of begging for a job with such a persuasive mouth. No name, no background, the director only allows us to know his physical appearance, which clearly shows that he is not just another ordinary man. Well actually we are given one more extra clue to his personality by the comments of the prospective but fail to be boss – he did not trust Lou.

Yes, this man’s name is Lou Bloom or Louise Bloom, but I’m always doubting if that’s even his real name. We do not have any credentials to 100% believe that he is Lou. No relatives, no friends, he is all by himself throughout the whole movie.

Lou is weird, that I am certain most people would agree with me. Not just his appearance, with very large dark eye circles and a haunting smile, he gives out this sinister and dark atmosphere surrounding himself. Lou has THE skills needed for being the nightcrawlers : a talkative mouth that proves superb persuading ability, the need for money, flexibility, and crazy ambition for this special job; maybe too huge of the ambition for him to turn into a horrifying nightcrawler. I started out watching the Nightcrawler after hearing my friend’s praises for it being an interesting movie and did not even watch the trailer. At first sight, with the movie tittle and poster I just thought that it will be another action movie with a great plot. But I was damn wrong, god what was I thinking…

Nightcrawler began as the journey of a soon to be broke man looking for jobs after numberous rejections and soon found his dream job – hunting for hot news, with as much lively as possible graphics. But the story became twisted from the middle of the movie and took a very dark, weirdly haunting turn which will make you furrow your eyebrows while watching. I don’t want to spoil too much but it will not be a typical movie that you often see and Jake Gyllenhal’s acting was eerily dayum! Actually I can still recall his eyes even now…

There actually is a lot of philosophical talking during the movie but it was actually Lou speaking so even though he spoke with such certainty and profession,  it was that unreal fluency that makes the meanings of his words instead serve as a trigger for doubt and hint of disgust. One more thing, now that I notice, the meticulousness that Lou Bloom desired for when filming, the way he always shouted ” Use the zoom” for clearer higher quality videos may also refer to the way we should look at him, with much more attention to see more of what inside this mysterious man.

Kudos for Jake Gyllenhal for awesome acting again, he totally killed it with Lou Bloom. Nightcrawler basically revolved around this character so Jake’s role is super duper important for the movie to not fall apart but Jake managed to pulled it off nicely with ease. The story is interesting and the tempo of the movie got you caught up in Lou’s journey of becoming a pro news hunter right away with great attention. Nightcrawler is totally worth watching and I believe is the hightlight of 2014’s movie list as well. Maybe you will even go search for more Jake Gyllenhal’s movies just like me 😉

“Steady hands! Steady hands!”

“Use the zoom! Use the zoom!”

“I never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.”