[Review] – MARS



Author: Souryou Fuyumi

Category: Drama, Josei, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life,Shoujo

Summary: Kira believes that Rei and all other men in the world are dirty. She stays away from her classmates, hiding in her art. What happens when the delinquent motorcyclist and playboy, Rei, gets ahold of one of her drawings, and actually wants to keep it?

So, Mars. It has this attractive style of drawing that draws me in and I know I have heard the name quite a few times, so I think it will be good. And it is.

The love story of a reckless and bold car racer with an introverted fragile girl is not that new, and there is no extreme twist also. But the way it is developed and carried out from the beginning till end is wonderful. Everything mixes so well as a whole and the manga really brings you this unique feeling while reading.


Rei is just a normal male main character with those typical assets: Casanova hair, dreamy eyes, a great body, great care for the beloved ones and dark past. He is fearless on the tracks, or it may seems like so. This boy Rei does not stand out from the usual heroes we read; well, that is not important sometimes, standing out that is. The author makes me feel like it’s ok even if Rei is just another tsundere boy that has a genuine pure heart. His image and he himself fits with Kira like puzzle pieces.


Kira attracts me. She is so introverted that it brings unwanted attention. An artistic girl with great drawing skills who can only shows her feelings through her work, this Kira character on the other hand is kinda interesting. The author has done sooooo well portraying this girl. How her silky soft hair goes with her small face and how she behaves …Kira does not annoy me at all. She sure does cry often, and acts timidly but she has reasons for being like that so I don’t feel annoyed. Kira is like a really beautiful delicate flower that people ( and yes Rei too of course) want to cherish and protect. Don’t worry the author does show some effort of her toughening up haha. There is one thing that I’m surprised about this manga is that it affects my inner reading voice. When it comes to Kira’s dialogue, I have no idea why I switch to a very soft whispering voice inside my head but that just totally matches Kira’s personality.


Their love is pure and passionate and sure passes all obstacles given. Kira and Rei are two wounded souls that luckily found themselves healed in the power of love. The love shown here is so powerful and admirable because it is built not only compatibility but also dependence. They need and complete each other.  They are these seventeen teenagers who have gone through such a rough past and ended up being damaged heavily. So thanks God now Kira has Rei and Rei has Kira beside them in their process of beginning a brand new chapter of their life, mapping out a bright future in which they can follow their dreams.You can feel youth and love depicted very lively here. How Rei compromises with his own inner self and how Kira opens up herself with the help of Kira. It is beautiful.

MARS has the VIBE, people! Reading the manga is relaxing and comfortable and hurting and heart-melting, one after another. Mars sure is a great mix of art, story, and characters. Lovely!

Ps: the villain in here is quite interesting in an intimidating way too jaja ^^