Poster for the brand new season 4 : The grand final

I have already written a ranting post a while ago about this show, The Genius but duhh of course it is not enough. After completing the third season, which is by far the most complete and exciting one The Genius is finally grabbing enough people’s attention to earn itself a favorable time spot for the upcoming season 4, THE GRAND FINAL. Please please I just hope that anyone who read up to this line will be a convinced to the point of giving this show a try. The Genius is like the Liar Game live action made into a real life thing in which you can earn money by winning the brain and tactics game. Anyone can sign up and be chosen to become a contestant. We have got Lawyers, pro StarCraft player, Pro Poker player, Math professor, Havard Alumni, Mensa Member ( those who score high in IQ test), Comedian, Auction operator, announcer, and even KAIST student! The fact that they come from different fields and have different types of intelligence is what makes it alllll the more EXCITING. Those who have the brains don’t always have the influence needed when it comes to team work. And sometimes those who are sly can make their ways further and further into the later rounds by betraying people.
The show is an awesome mix of tension, humour, mental pain, unpredictability, plot twists and GENIUS MOMENTS, seriously. It is not as well known as other Korean variety shows because The Genius don’t favor inviting idols since their targeted audience is different. Hey don’t worry in the Genius you’ve got some handsome AND intelligent boys to go crazy for haha. Everyone realllly should give this a try!! T.T

Poster for the 3rd season

Poster for the 3rd season

+Recommended order would be: Season 1, season 3, season 2 ( imo the least favoruable season out of the 3). Then you will be supeeeeer anxious like me anticipating the brand new season 4 in the end of June jajajaja! ( The Genius is love, The Genius is life)

+English subtittles you can find at bxrme.tumblr.com <- Her subs are the best out there for The genius show ! For Vietnamese subtittles you can find at Owo subs.

Have fun watching! You can always discuss The Genius with me here in this post ^^

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