[Review] 5cm per Second

(written by Makoto Shinkai)

Firstly, I must say that words can’t explain the raw emotion that exudes this book. The story is really wonderful. To me, it was about upcoming things from the past, where your mind is stuck. The story itself is sad, hopeful, and relatable all in one. For a long time, I have never see any “realistic” love story like this one.

Here is the summary, you can pass it if you’ve already read the book:

” The book starts out with a girl transferring into a new school, and her and another boy fall in love. The girl ends up having to move to a different city for middle school. For a while, they write letters to each other, but when the boy moves to a different island in Japan during his high school years, they slowly separate and stop talking to each other. After that, Takaki can not fall in love with any other girl that is attracted to him, which ends up hurting him, and the people around him even more.

Fast forward past university, the boy now has a job and a girlfriend (they have been together for 3 years, if I’m not wrong). When she tells him she wants him to meet his family, he panics and ends up ending their relationship, quits his job, and moves back to Tokyo (the city in which he met the girl he loves). Accidentally, he passes by the girl and sees the ring on her hand; coincidentally, this gave him the closure he needs to be able to move forward…”

This book, however, doesn’t like the other romantic books cause it won’t make you cry an ocean. To me, after reading it, the story has left a heavy depressing mark in my heart. For sure, it’s painful and depressing at the same time. This may stimulate you to spend a lot of time to think about life, the power of time and distance to disconnect people inspite of their strong bonds.

I could entirely relate to Takaki feelings … How hard it is to love someone who’s too far away from you. How hard it is to endure a world without that someone and trying your best to occupy your mind with different things but at the end of that day, you still think of that someone. 🙂

Somehow, later in life , we will meet a lot of people that will bring you into the different roller coaster of emotions! But in the end, no matter how many people you meet who made you somewhat happy and gave you much of experience, there’s only one person who can fulfill the vacancy of your broken heart.

A book like this would be enjoyed by people who are searching for something called “true love”. In my opinion, love is hard to find these days because people are only looking for a short term things and not looking for the right person who is suitable for them.

For some reasons, I must say that I don’t like the end of the story. why the author made and alternative ending from the movie – leaving it open-ended instead? Why didn’t he stay loyal to what was in the movie? Maybe, he want to say something like ” That’s life, you have to endure it. It goes on! That why you have to move on.”

Love may be hard work, but it’s worth the try.

Rate: 4/5.

Oh, if you like this book, you should watch the film too 😀