[Doo’s corner] – My Horror RPG Gamelist [PART 1]

//please bare with my crappy grammar use//

I first started playing RPG game ( the one with pixel art and all) 5 or 6 years ago, starting with the Aveyond series ( which is seriously awesome ! ) So I recently start again my RPG craze but now with a horror focus. I gonna briefly introduce the games that I have played so far ( though the list will not only end here, I’m gonna update it later). First, there are a few things i want to say  about the games:

+ Most can be downloaded in Gameshed page ( for The witch’s house just search in google )

+ Don’t be put off, they are not at all complicated games, the puzzles can be somewhat hard and time-consuming but hey that’s what puzzles are for xD oh and don’t underestimate the horror effects of pixel art games, you will regret 😉

+ One more thing: all of the RPG horror games I played and, well, many of the others have DIFFERENT ENDINGS. It means that you get to do multiple choice  questions kinda often and different combinations of answers can get you to different endings. I find it rather interesting 😀

Now comes the list of mine!




Summary: Help our protagonist, Aya Drevis to save her father from the devilish creatures crawling through the mansion. Help her face the true nature of her beloved father and find what happened with her deceased mother. ( Gameshed)

Comment: the game is pretty good, enough horror factors to scare you and it has very good background music ( well music contributes alot to these kinds of games). The puzzles are not that hard ( I did not get stuck at any scene too long). Well I will give Mad father extra cool points because Aya can effing be equipped with a weapon !! The sad thing is that weapon is only used to destroy barricades. The ending is hella frightening you have got to be quick to survive haha. Mad father, the game’s story really fits the name.

I give this game 7.5/10




Summary:It’s been over three months since one of your classmates, Misao vanished without a trace. Since then, strange things started to happen all over your school and everyone is freaking out. Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth behind Misao’s disappearance?

Comment: Hunmmm, Misao’s setting is at school, but it is not too much different from Mad father mostly because they have the same creator ( I think I finished Misao faster than when I played Mad father though). There are not that lot of different endings. A small thing I don’t like about this game is how most of the wrong choice caused you death but not led to the other endings. The screaming of you in the game when you die is increasingly annoying,too lol trust me. Nice, meaningful storyline ( a little disturbing also). The story of the teacher at the end is both disturbing and sad.

I give this game 8.25/10


2 (1)

Summary: Players explore the dreams of the character Madotsuki . Travelling through her dreams, the player encounters surreal and sometimes disturbing scenes, such as being swallowed by a large red sewer-creature, meeting a disembodied head character known as Uboa and a full-screen rotating image of a girl with five arms


Comment: I gave up on this game halfway. Yume Nikki is certainly for people who is super patient and have fun wandering around aimlessly ( but will end up finding something, or not). The latter is true to me but I’m really impatient so I dropped Yume Nikki anyway. One thing I can be sure without finishing this time-consuming game is that it is HELLA DISTURBING. The pictures, the scenes, the creatures you will encounter on your way are rather fucked up. They can even cause nauseous effect for a few people. However, that is also what makes Yume Nikki unique in the RPG genre.

I give this game 8.25/10 ( mostly for its originality because I did not watch all the bonus for finishing the game)



The young Viola visits a mysterious house in the woods.
She soon discovers its dangerous nature and must find a way out.
But the house is ever-changing, and death could be lurking anywhere…

(Be aware that some elements of the game are somewhat violent.) [ cre: VGPERSON]

Comment: I SUPER LOVE THE GAME. For avid fan of horror RPG, The witch’s house is seriously one of the best, the most amazing game in its genre. Everything is perfect. The storyline is disturbing as always, but it also has an awesome totally unexpected plot twist. The feels in the game is much much much more terrifying than the ones I have just mentioned above. It scared the crap out of me seriously. Interesting + difficult + original mini puzzles complete the game as a whole. Great soundtrack, great atmosphere, great characters. I really don’t have any complaints.

I give this game 10/10



Summary:The game follows the story of Ib, a little girl who was visiting an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, Ib suddenly realizes she is alone and trapped within a space where the exhibitions started to come back to life. Help Ib escape this horror-filled museum before the gallery traps her there forever.


Comment: Ib is no doubt number 1 in my heart ( with The Witch’s house in second place).  You really MUST play Ib if you are a fan of horror RPG games. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It is guaranteed to scare the sh*t out of you so be prepared. The story itself is rather simple, getting lost in a art work world while visiting an art museum with your parents. But the characters that appear throughout the game is what makes the plot so much more captivating. Yes, the game has two more main characters beside you. I really love how even when it is a top horror game with many great jumpscares and such fitted music, Ib still manages to have a really light romantic theme. ( play the game and you will get what I mean). Ib is also cool in the way it emphasizes more on the multiple choice questions, taking it to another level by focusing on the INTERACTIONS between the three main characters. You really have to play this !!! *sob*

I give this game 11/10 haha

See you (hopefully) soon in part 2 of this list !